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Recent Papers


NaviComf: Navigate pedestrians for comfort using multi-modal environmental sensors
Congwei Dang; Iwai, M. ;  Umeda, K. ;  Tobe, Y. ;  Sezaki, K.
IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom), 2012, 19-23 March 2012,Page(s): 76 – 84
Acceptance Rate 11% (28/186), Best paper selected session (3/28papers)


ESMO: An Energy-Efficient Mobile Node Scheduling Scheme for Sound Sensing
Tian HAO  Masayuki IWAI  Yoshito TOBE  Kaoru SEZAKI 
IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Communications Vol.E93-B  No.11  pp.2912-2924
Publication Date: 2010/11/01

A Method for Online Trajectory Simplification by Enclosed Area Metric
Guangwen Liu, Masayuki Iwai and Kaoru Sezaki
International Conference on Mobile Computing and Ubiquitous Networking (ICMU 2012), Okinawa Japan, May 2012. pp40-47.
Acceptance Rate 60% (16/26)

Towards Urban Phenomenon Sensing by Automatic Tagging of Tweets,
Muhammad Asif Khanm, Masayuki Iwai, and Kaoru Sezaki;
The International Conference on Networked Sensing Systems (INSS2012)
in USB proceedings RP7 pp1-7
Acceptance Rate 22% (13/57)

A Flexible Modeling Engine Enabling Inter-service Management
Masayuki,Iwai , Yoshito,Tobe , and Hideyuki,Tokuda
IPSJ, Journal of information processing, March, 2009, Vol 17, pp119-137,