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Sezaki Laboratory (University of Tokyo, Japan)

Publication list of Sezaki Lab.

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International Journal

  1. Hao Niu, Masayuki Iwai, Kaoru Sezaki, Li Sun, and Qinghe Du, "Exploiting fountain codes for secure wireless delivery," IEEE Communications Letters, vol. 18, no. 5, pp. 777-780, May 2014.
  2. Shunsuke Aoki and Kaoru Sezaki, ''Negative Surveys with Randomized Response Techniques for Privacy-aware Participatory Sensing'', IEICE Transactions on Communications, Vol. E97-B, No. 04, 2014.

International Conference

  1. Hao Niu, Li Sun, Masaki Ito, and Kaoru Sezaki, "Secure transmission through multihop relaying in wireless body area networks," IEEE Global Conference on Consumer Electronics (GCCE), Tokyo, Oct.7-10, 2014. pp. 395-396.
  2. Hao Niu, Li Sun, Masaki Ito, and Kaoru Sezaki, "User cooperation analysis under eavesdropping attack: a game theory perspective," IEEE 25th International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC), Washington D.C., Sept. 2-5, 2014. pp. 139-144.
  3. Shunsuke Aoki and Kaoru Sezaki, "Privacy-Preserving Community Sensing for Medical Research with Duplicated Perturbation", IEEE International Conference on Communications (IEEE ICC), Sydney, Australia, Jun 10-14, 2014.
  4. Congwei Dang, Kaoru Sezaki, Masayuki Iwai, "DECL: A Circular Inference Methodfor Indoor Pedestrian Localization Using Phone Inertial Sensors," The 7th International Conference on Mobile Computing and Ubiquitous Networking (ICMU 2014), pp. 117-122, Singapore, January 2014.

Domestic Journal

  1. Congwei Dang, Kaoru Sezaki, "A sparse particle filter for indoor localization using mobile phones," IEICE Communications Express (Accepted).

Domestic Paper

  1. Dunstan Matekenya,Guangwen Liu,Masaki Ito,Kaoru Sezaki, "Energy Efficient Sensing with Spatio-temporal Prediction", 2014 IEICE General Conference, vol. BS-1-5, Niigata, Japan, March 18-21, 2014.
  2. Guangwen Liu, Masayuki Iwai, Masaki Ito and Kaoru Sezaki, "Weather Sensing in Heterogeneous Network Where Mobile Sensors and Fixed Sensors Coexist", 2014 IEICE General Conference, vol. BS-1-5, Niigata, Japan, March, 2014.
  3. Hao Niu and Kaoru Sezaki, "Secure Communication through Matrix Transform in Wireless Networks", 2014 IEICE General Conference, vol. BS-1-39, Niigata, Japan, March 18-21, 2014.


  1. [Invited] Shunsuke Aoki, "Privacy-Preserving Participatory Environmental Sensing with Multidimensional Data," Princeton University - University of Tokyo Workshop on Sensing Skins, from Molecules to Smart Cities, New Jersey, USA, Mar 2014.
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