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Sezaki Laboratory (University of Tokyo, Japan)

Publication list of Sezaki Lab.

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International Journal

  1. Tian Hao, Masayuki Iwai, Yoshito Tobe and Kaoru Sezaki, "ESMO: AnEnergy-Efficient Mobile Node Scheduling Scheme for Sound Sensing," IEICETransactions on Communications, Special Issue: Fundamental Issues onDeployment of Ubiquitous Sensor Networks, Volume E93.B, Issue 11, pp.2912-2924, 2010.11.
  2. "Development of a Dynamic Collision Avoidance Algorithm for Indoor Tracking System Based on Active RFID", S. Han, Y. Choi, M. Iwai, K. Sezaki, KSII transactions on Internetand Information Systems, vol. 4, no. 5, pp. 736-752, 2010
  3. "Development of an Optimal Vehicle-to-Grid Aggregator for Frequency Regulation", S. Han,S. H. Han, K. Sezaki, IEEE transactions on Smart Grid, vol. 1, no. 1, pp 65-72, 2010
  4. S. Han, S. Jang, S. H. Han, K. Sezaki, "An Optimal Decision on the Contracted Power Capacity for V2G regulation providers", IEEE transactions on Smart Grid
  5. Hongyang Chen, Qingjiang Shi, Rui Tan, H. Vincent Poor, and Kaoru Sezaki, "Mobile Element Assisted Cooperative Localization for Wireless Sensor Networks with obstacles," IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, vol. 9, no.3,pp. 956-963, Mar. 2010.Conference paper:
  6. Bin Liu, Hongyang Chen, Xianfu Lei, Fengyuan Ren, and Kaoru Sezaki,Internode Distance-Based Redundancy Reliable Transport in Underwater Sensor Networks,EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking Volume 2010 (2010), Article ID 358071, 16 pages doi:10.1155/2010/358071

International Conference

  1. (Remarkable Paper Award) "Position Estimation of an Indoor Tracking System Using Kalman Filter", S. Han, Y. Choi, M. Iwai, K. Sezaki in International Conference on Internet (ICONI & APIC-IST 2010), Mactan Island, Philippines, 2010, 16-20 December 2010
  2. Masaki IMAI Masayuki IWAI Ryousuke SHIBASAKI and Kaoru SEZAKI""The designs of slope failure detection system using wireless sensor network""The 31st Asian Conference on Remote Sensing(ACRS2010)2010.11.04 Hanoi, Vietnam
  3. Hiroki Ishizuka, Masayuki Iwai, Kaoru Sezaki, Ryo Fukuhara, Shun Fukumoto, Tatsuhiro Nishimoto, Shin'ichi Konomi, Yoshito Tobe, Ryosuke Shibasaki, Kitokito Photographs: Mobile-phone. Geo-coded Images with Sensor Information, the 2010 International Symposium on GPS/GNSS, Taipei, Taiwan, October 26-28, 2010
  4. "Stochastic Analysis on the Energy Constraint of V2G Frequency Regulation", S. Han, S. H. Han, and K. Sezaki in IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference (VPPC), Lille, France, 1-3 September 2010
  5. Soohyeong Jang; Sekyung Han; Soo Hee Han; Sezaki, K.; Optimal decision on contract size for V2G aggregator regarding frequency regulation Optimization of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (OPTIM), 2010 12th International Conference on Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/OPTIM.2010.5510464 Publication Year: 2010 , Page(s): 54 - 62
  6. S. Han, S. Jang, S. H. Han, K. Sezaki, "Quantitative Modeling of an Energy Constraint Regarding V2G Aggregator for Frequency Regulation|" in 9th International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering, Prague, Czech Republic, 16-19 May 2010. (Award for Best Paper)
  7. Keiji Sugo, Manabu Miyazaki, Shin'ichi Konomi, Masayuki Iwai, YoshitoTobe, "BISCAY: Extracting Riding Context from Bike Ride Data," TheDatabese Systems for Advanced Applications (DASFAA2010) Demo, April 2010,Japan.
  8. "Design of An Optimal Aggregator for Vehicle-to-Grid Regulation Service", S. Han, S. H. Han, and K. Sezaki in IEEE PES Conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies(ISGT), Gaithersburg, MD USA, 19-21 January 2010


  1. posterHiroki Ishizuka, Shun Fukumoto, Tatsuhiro Nishimoto, Ryo Fukuhara, Tatsuya Morita, Keiji Sugo, Niwat Thepvilojanapong, Shiichi Konomi, Kaoru Sezaki, Ryosuke Shibasaki, Yoshito Tobe, Kitokito - Supporting Impromptu Collaboration in Participatory Sensing Using Smart Camera Phones, The 8th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems (SenSys 2010), Zurich, Switzerland, November 3-5, 2010
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