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Sezaki Laboratory (University of Tokyo, Japan)

Publication list of Sezaki Lab.

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International Journal

  1. T. Kitazato, M. Hoshino, M. Ito, K. Sezaki, "Detection of Pedestrian Flow Using Mobile Devices for Evacuation Guiding in Disaster," Journal of Disaster Research Vol.13 No.2, pp.303-312, March 2018.
  2. Yu Nakayama, Kazuki Maruta, Takuya Tsutsumi, Kaoru Sezaki, "Wired and Wireless Network Cooperation for Wide-Area Quick Disaster Recovery", IEEE Access, vol. 6, pp. 2410-2424, 2018.
  3. Yu Nakayama, Kaoru Sezaki, "Requirement Modeling Language for the Dynamic Node Integration Problem of Telecommunication Network", IEICE Transactions on Communications, E101-B, No. 06, pp. xx--xx, 2018.

International Conference

  1. Tomoya Kitazato, Masaki Ito, Kaoru Sezaki, ''A Study of the Detection of Pedestrian Flow Using Bluetooth Low Energy,'' The 5th International Workshop on Crowd-Assisted Sensing, Pervasive Systems and Communications (CASPer), Athens, March 2018.

Domestic Paper

  1. Yao Sun, Masaki Ito, Kaoru Sezaki, "A Novel Molecular Communication through Diffusive DNA Molecules", 2018 IEICE General Conference, BS-2-30, Tokyo, March 22, 2018
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