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Sezaki Laboratory (University of Tokyo, Japan)

Welcome to Sezaki Laboratory , University of Tokyo, Japan.

Our research concerns 2 topics. First is to consider the support of the creative social activities, which utilize network, and the creation of new application. The other is to operate the network element, system technology and system development of various applications

Prospective students and researchers are always welcome to join our team.

Research content

The current research topics of our laboratory are as follow.

  • Interface for Defining the Privacy of Sensor Data based on Users’ Preferences
  • Estimation of Crowd Density and Mobility in Mass Event Using Wi-Fi Direct
  • Secure Transmission through Multihop Relaying in Wireless Body Area Networks
  • MoveSense: A spatio-temporal Clustering Technique for Discovering Residence Change in Mobile Phone Data
  • Research Topic in This Year
  • A Semi-Realtime Map-Matching Method for Mobile Application
  • SoMoS: An Interactive Social Network Service-enabled Middleware for Wireless Sensor Network
  • Estimating Outbreak of Influenza Like Diseases Using Social Media
  • Vehicle-to-Grid Frequency Regulation with
  • Mobile Ad hoc Network
  • Sensor Network
  • Haptic collaboration

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Publication documents

You can view the list of the publication documents of our laboratory

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